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Help: Configuration guide

A step by step guide to setting up Choosy.

  1. Browsers

    The first thing to set up is the browsers that you want Choosy to use. When you first install Choosy the browser list will be populated with all the browsers that macOS knows are installed on your system. This list won't be perfect: it might include some apps that aren't really browsers, but happen to be able to open links; it might be missing some browsers, especially if you have more than one version of the same browser installed.

    The order of the browser list is important: they should be in order of preference, with the browser you'd most often like to use at the top. When we configure the behaviour later any settings that refer to the “favourite” browser are talking about the browser at the top of the list. Similarly settings that talk about the “best running browser” are referring to the running browser that is highest up the list.

    To customise the browser list:

    1. Open Choosy in System Preferences.
    2. Click on the “Browsers” tab.
    3. Remove any browser you don't want Choosy to use by clicking on the browser in the list and clicking the minus button below the list.
    4. Add any missing browsers either using the plus button below the list, or by dragging the browsers into the list from the Finder.
    5. Change the order of the list so your favourite browser is first by dragging and dropping the browser in the list.

    There are more details on the settings in the browsers tab in the browser settings section.

  2. Basic behaviour

    Next we should configure the basic behaviour. This is what Choosy will usually do when you click on a link. There are two settings to consider: What Choosy should do when no browsers are running and when one or more browsers are running. To customise the behaviour:

    1. Open Choosy in System Preferences.
    2. Click on the “Behaviour” tab.
    3. Select the behaviours that seem most appropriate (you can always change them later).

    There are more details about the individual settings on the behaviour tab in the behaviour settings section.

  3. Next steps

    • Advanced behaviour rules

      You might also want to tweak Choosy's behaviour and create exceptions to your basic behaviour rules that apply in specific circumstances. These could be based on the link you're opening, on the modifier keys you're holding when you click on a link or on a variety of other criteria. There is a great deal of flexibility, and many different ways you can use advanced rules. For more information see the advanced behaviour settings section.

    • Browser plugins

      If you want to use Choosy's functionality from inside your browser there are a variety of browser plugins and bookmarklets that you can install. There is more information in the browser integration section.